What you should bring:

  • your ID card or passport, health insurance card, slippers, pajamas, bathrobes, toiletries, paper handkerchiefs, coins or phone card, personal items such as eyeglasses, hearing aid, stationery etc. We also recommend to bring a book or a magazine.

What you should leave at home:

  • cigarettes, mobile phones, valuables (jewelry, checkbooks, etc.), a larger sum of money, a laptop, etc.


  • in the lobby of CH2 building.


  • Patients may use the wireless WI-FI for free (SSID: freenet.uvn). In the superior rooms there are also the data sockets available.


  • Visiting hours are not restricted however visitor’s are asked not to interfere with the operation of individual units of the Hospital departments. Visits outside the afternoon hours should be reported to nurse at the ward. In the intensive care units every visit has to be reported. Visitors should respect all instructions or restrictions of the Hospital staff.