The Military University Hospital Prague has 10 clinics and 22 specialized departments, which are providing highly specialized procedures and treatments, especially in the following areas:

The Internal Clinic The core of the clinic is a comprehensive medical and preventive care in internal medicine focusing especially on sub-fields of cardiology, gastroenterology, hepatology, diabetology and metabolism, nephrology and general internal medicine. Our main activites involve specialized diagnostic and medical care, pre-graduate and post-graduate education and applied research. All of our activities are managed by the outpatient departments of internal medicine, including field offices in the Department of Cardiology and Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Metabolism. In every department there are standard and specialized beds. The department also provides specialized units.

The Neurosurgery and Neuroonkology Clinic is the leading center in the Czech Republic in areas of brain tumor operations and vascular diseases.

The Surgery Clinic specializes in surgery of the digestive tract, liver and pancreas.

The Eye Clinic provides all the external and intraocular surgery at a very high level, with special focus on cataract, glaucoma and transplant performances and all assortments of laser treatments.

The Infectious Disease Department provides ambulatory and hospital care for adult and teenage patients with infectious diseases in close cooperation with other departments of the hospital. Specialists also provide infectious disease consultations for all surgical and medical departments of the UVN Hospital, recommend antibiotic therapy as well as provide antibiotic stewardship and hospital acquired infections prevention and infection control guidance. They serve as members of the so-called ‘antibiotic center’ whose task is to approve administration of certain broad-spectrum antibiotics in our hospital.

Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care unit currently provides (except to children under 15 years old) the whole spectrum of activities pertaining to the field - anesthesia care, resuscitation and intensive care. This department currently has 24 inpatient beds at three stations from which resuscitation is one of the boxing systems. An integral part of the department is to provide CPR and intensive consultancy services throughout the hospital premises and in particular at the emergency department.

The ENT Clinic provides screening and treatments in specialized centres (otology, otoneurology, rhino-logy, endocrinology and oncology) and has the most advanced technology and equipment throughout the country.

Orthopaedics Clinic provides comprehensive treatment of complicated musculoskeletal injuries, major reconstructive orthopaedic surgeries, including implantations of total hip and knee arthroplasty. The department is also engaged in sports traumatology.

Oncology Clinic provides counselling examination, selection of proper procedure of treating malignant tumours and long-term monitoring of patients after cancer treatment. In addition to operations and radiation therapies we provide in most cases outpatient chemical, hormonal, and biological therapies in cooperation with comprehensive oncology centres.

Gynecology Clinic
Modern Gynecological Clinic, equipped with cutting edge technology, with excellent facilities. Provides curative and preventive care in the field of gynecology, and in the mode of an inpatient and an outpatient. Performs the complete range of gynecological operations, including onkogynekological operation.

Since 2005, as the first in the Czech Republic and central Europe, using the fields of surgery, urology and gynecology robotic system da Vinci. In 2013 it was acquired more modern type of robotic operating system da Vinci Si HD. To the present was carried out over two and a half thousand robotic operations.